• aditi vadassery

Dance : A destress therapy

My hands advance above my head as my legs swift across the linen hardwood floor. The beaming lights shone on me. My costume reflected the light off its polished sequences. A pearly white smile stretched across my face.

Dance has helped my mental health by relaxing my body and finding a way to relieve stress in a physical manner. When it comes to stress, I choose to come up with my own dance routine instead of a routine I’ve learned at dance class. This is because I can choose a song and certain steps that express my current mood. My dance styles vary from hip hop, to contemporary, to Indian classic, so I like to relieve my stress through different genres of music and styles of dance. When I feel gloomy or down, I prefer to dance to slow, contemporary music. However, when I’m feeling more cheerful and jovial, I prefer to fast, upbeat hip hop songs. There are many ways I relieve stress, but the most fun and exciting way is through dance!

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