• David Ighedosa

Fun through Sports

Growing up and to this day athletics have always been something that I enjoy doing. Since elementary I joined teams to play basketball, soccer, and wrestling then when I started high school I started weightlifting and I have not stopped since. The same way some people may see creating and practicing music as their hobby, sports was mine. I have always been obsessed with sports and constantly working on improving myself to get better as it was something that I enjoyed. Doing this greatly benefited my mental health, as sports are an outlet for me to destress in life.

As crazy as it may sound, athletics have always been a hobby that I liked doing despite the physical strain it puts on my body. Even though I have gotten injuries or constantly feel sore, they have been a way for me to take my mind off school or anything else that was troubling me, as it was relaxing to just focus on one thing. Also, through sports I have been able to make friends and meet people older than me who have given me a lot of advice. Being around these people have helped me destress and giving me relief from any worries I had with things such as school. Athletics have been a great way for me to relax and take my mind off any worries.

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