Music on my mind

In these trying times, it can be hard to keep your vigor up. Sometimes I don't want to leave my room, much less get out of the house. There's one thing that makes it easier for me, and that's music. During the school year, my favorite class is my choir class, because I enjoy working together with other people to create something unique and special. Both performing music and listening to it make me feel more relaxed and motivated in day-to-day life. It's proven by research that many people's stress levels go down after listening to music, and in such a stressful time, that could definitely be helpful for people who's mental health is being negatively affected by the quarantine. Performing music is also good for your mental health, because it's a constructive hobby and it's an effective distractor for if you're feeling unwell. I love cooperating with other people to perform, because it's a really good way to bond and have fun together. Most of my best friends come from being in music classes together and working on songs! There are a lot of ways to unwind, but music is definitely my favorite.

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